CASE 22: To case or not to case

ArticleCase22-01I start to wonder how obvious the title was as a spin to the saying “Catch 22”. Via Wikipedia, “A catch-22 is a paradoxical situation from which an individual cannot escape because of contradictory rules”. The re-purposing then of this rule in this case (pun unintended) is in regard to phone cases, in particular with phones that are already larger in size i.e. phablets and their effect on ergonomics and handling.

The idea is as such: You buy a nice big phablet, and you want to take care of that body with the beautiful much larger screen up the front. The logical solution then appears: put a case onto the phone itself. By doing so however, a problem then stems from such a situation; putting on a case onto your phone, while giving the body the much needed protection from dropping essentially increases the thickness and width of the phone, making it harder to hold onto further increasing the chances of you dropping your beloved phone, perhaps maybe even into situations where your case would be of no use, like water.

ArticleCase22-02This is where the conundrum starts. By putting a case onto a phone that is large and already at the brim of a comfortable firm hold, you’re making it a lot more difficult to hold on to, thus making it a lot more susceptible to losing your grip and having the phone slip out of your hands. On the other hand however, by not putting a case at all, your phone extremely vulnerable should you actually slip up and drop your phone. You should theoricatically however have a much firmer hold on the device, making it a lot less likely to happen. Still it’s a risk in that sense.

Either way, it sounds like a lose-lose situation, with the only option probably being to hold onto your phones constantly with eagle claw-like grips, especially if you feel like taking a nice panorama over the edge of that tall building, or any sort of risky situation for that matter; after all you don’t want to go dropping that precious phone that you blew a fortune on. Still, for someone like me, I can’t imagine not using a case on my phones, even if it makes it that much harder to hold, mainly because I do not want to damage the body of the phone at all if I can.

I wonder how many of you out there have ever considered this, and if so, what are your thoughts on it?

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