Mini-Review: Godosmith Titan Tempered Glass Screen Protector for the OnePlus One

GDSOPO-01Screen Protectors are ten a penny. You can get them for as cheap as 1 USD for 5 films or spend a bit more on tempered glass that you’d hope protects your phone a bit more. Still, even within the realm of glass screen protectors, there’s a big discrepancy between the pricing of the screen protectors, with some costing quite a bit more than others.

Seeing as I just got myself a personal OnePlus One to use, I decided that I didn’t want to leave the front glass unprotected (I know there’s a Gorilla Glass coating on it, but I feel insecure without another layer of protection). I looked online, and I figured that I wanted a good sheet of glass to sit on top of the screen, while not breaking the bank.

Research on Godosmith and their screen protectors didn’t bring up much results as far as reviews go, so consider this a mini review of the Godosmith “Glass of the Titan” OnePlus One screen protector.



This has probably got to be the most premiumly packed screen protector box that I have ever opened. The whole unit is sealed in shrink wrap plastic, with the front of the box looking minimalistic and classy, and the same goes for the back. The piece up front that shows the graphic of the OnePlus One that denotes that it’s for this phone seems to be glued onto the box, probably to save on manufacturing costs. After all, all you need is to slap on a different sticker onto the box for a different phone model, and you’re ready to rumble.

Slicing the plastic open and peeling off the strip at the bottom, you can then pull out the inner box that has further branding on top of it, and an abbreviation of their company’s name, G.D.S. Flipping this open you’re then greeted with the following contents.

  • Godosmith Titan tempered glass screen protector.
  • Installation instructions sheet
  • Blue sticky paper for removing residue dust and link
  • Isopropyl alcohol wipes
  • Godosmith branded smoothener
  • Black screen cleaning cloth.

Despite being just a screen protector, I can tell that Godosmith had put a lot of effort into the presentation of their screen protector, and I really like it when manufacturers take their products seriously and bother to market and sell them well like this. Kudos to you Godosmith.

Applying the screen protector is simple enough.

  • Using the provided alcohol wipes, clean the screen of any residual grease and oils.
  • Wipe it down thoroughly making sure the screen is dry
  • Remove any dust and lint that may have gotten onto the display
  • Without exposing the adhesive, overlay the screen protector over the phone. This gives you an idea on how much space you need to leave on the edges, in order to get a clean, perfect fit onto your display
  • Once you have a good idea on how you want it placed, begin the final cleaning of the display.
  • Peel the adhesive of the screen protector off only about ½ way through, and slowly lower it onto the phone, bearing in mind the margins on each end.
  • While pressing down on the screen protector, slowly peel off the protective plastic to have the screen protector fully adhese to the phone.
  • Lift up edges if necessary to adjust and clean out any dust or lint stuck under.

Of course, getting it wrong the first time is common, but the key is to be patient with it and just lift it up to try again. With glass screen protectors however, you just have to be a little bit gentler.

Impressions and Build Quality

GDSOPO-03The screen protector is nice and thin, at 0.3mm as advertised. It doesn’t seem to hinder viewing angles and colours still look as good as ever. Without hammering on my screen itself I can’t give you much of an indication of the toughness, but I trust that it’s tough enough.

Though the screen protector was advertised on some sites and videos as being extremely hydrophobic (water repellent) and oleophobic (oil repellent), I found that water droplets didn’t exactly flow off the screen like they did in some videos and the screen could grease up over time as well, though perhaps not as often as many others would. It was however a lot more repellent than other products out there, and very easy to clean as well.

I’m happy so say that the tactile feedback when touching the screen protector is excellent, as my fingers glide smoothly across the surface of the phone without any problems, and it makes swipe typing an absolute pleasure on the phone (it wasn’t as smooth as without it)

I like how Godosmith did the cut outs for the camera and the earpiece as well. Some manufacturers don’t even have cut outs for the front facing camera, and I have to say that I don’t like this at all as it affects the quality of photos taken with the front facing camera.


GDSOPO-04While the screen protector itself was a slight let down in terms of some of the claims, I don’t find myself unhappy with it. I ended up paying 10 USD for the screen protector itself, and while water didn’t really slide off as I expected it to (was really looking forward to that!) and greasy fingers to not smear on the screen at all (Unfortunately it didn’t work out that way), real world results were still very good and perhaps more realistic. I do enjoy typing on the phone a lot more now though so I am still pleasantly happy about this product.

I had fun just opening the screen protector, seeing that it had such a nice box and just relishing in the details in which Godosmith have put into the packaging pleased me. Not only that, using it now, I’m pleasantly pleased as it’s not too thick on my phone, doesn’t hinder the display, is an absolute pleasure to type on, and while it isn’t the holy grail of screen protectors in terms of oil and water repelling, it certainly did a lot better than the screen without it.

Overall I’m happy with this screen protector, and so I give it the TechRodent Recommended Seal of Approval.


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