Hi there! Thanks for dropping by!

My name is Yang, and I’m an indie game developer by profession. I studied Game Design at┬áRMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, and I’m also a games researcher.

TechRodent was born as a website, due to the fact that I love technology so much, but I find that the more obscure pieces of technology that I find, either have really incomprehensive/terrible reviews, or none at all! It was since then that I made it a mission to myself on November 2013, to start up my own technology website, to see if I can fill in this gap that people so desperately look for in their quest for more information. As I am located in Malaysia, I try my best to bring my professional opinions and thoughts on hardware that I can find.

I’m also an app developer at the XDA-Developers community, so feel free to check out my two tools, APK Batch Installer Tool and Google Play DPI Fix Tool.

Cheers and have a good day!