APK Batch Installer Tool



Started as a small personal project to develop an application that allowed me to quickly install APK files on my computer to my Android phone. Ever since posting it onto XDA-Developer forums however, it quickly gained traction, and has expanded heavily since then, with much more features being added and implemented.

APK Batch Installer Tool comes with the ability to batch install APKs, as well as restoring their data, Backup up APKs and their Data, and renaming APKs based on your selection.

For downloads and information, check out the website here:
[TOOL] APK Batch Installer (Install & Backup, SD, Wifi, Data, SMS)


Google Play DPI Fix Tool



Those who love running a custom DPI on their Android devices are probably familiar with it’s particular issue with the Google Play store as after modding, some applications don’t show up anymore, or are listed as ‘incompatible with your device’.

Google Play DPI Fix Tool addresses this issue by modifying your Google Play Store APK directly from your device, in a simple one click fashion, making DPI changes on your device now hassle free!

For downloads and information, check out the website here:
[TOOL] Google Play DPI Fix